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Tree Trimming, Tree Pruning and Tree Shaping

Tree Trimming Wellington - We cut and shape your trees

Wellington Tree Services can trim, prune and shape your trees. We are the local experts you need with an exceptional trimming service.

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Why is Tree Trimming and Pruning important?


Wellington Tree Service is on hand to assist you to maintain your trees trimmed and pruned since we want them to be in their finest condition.

Let’s face it; Cyprus trees that were blown around like a cyclone don’t look as nice as ones that have been properly trimmed.

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    Trimming Trees for Healthier Growth

    There are several trees that require pruning on a regular basis to keep their healthiest. A tree will grow better if it has fewer branches than if it is left unchecked. This is due to the fact that a tree with less branches can better direct its nutrients to where they are required, resulting in bigger, stronger branches rather than tiny fragile ones.

    Fruit trees, for example, require trimming/pruning on a yearly basis. They will not be able to create as much fruit if they are not pruned on a yearly basis. And if the plants produce a lot of fruit without being pruned, the branches won’t be sturdy enough to support it. Trimming is essential for numerous species

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    safety reasons why you should take tree trimming seriously in wellington

    Tree Trimming for Safety Reasons

    We also chop down trees to remove dead branches. Removing dead branches may prevent other branches from dying. If a branch died of disease, for example, we would want to make sure the sickness didn’t spread by removing it.

    There are also reasons why a tree should be trimmed aside from aesthetics and health. One of them is if a tree has grown around power lines. There are rules in place to define how near a tree can be to electricity lines, and you don’t want the city to find you or perhaps have your tree removed because it is too close.

    A tree’s branches may overhang or be too close to your house for its health. This is one of the reasons your insurance company may demand it. Insurance companies dislike paying out claims when a tree branch caused property damage but could have been avoided.

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